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Conveniently Save and Share Bookmarks

Passionate about some topic, and have tons of bookmarks? Want to share them with your friends in a easy way instead of bombarding them with multiple emails or texts?

Trouvr is the way to go!


Create a boards of your bookmarks / urls for later reading by simply adding URLs to the page.


Generate shareable URL for your board, that you can give to your friends / family / co-workers. As you update the board - They will get your updates automatically.


Find other users publicly shared boards for more

We all love to surf online and collect tons of good sites..
And we love to share..

But there is no good way of sharing what we find on the internet with friends

Yes, we can send them links via email or via chat - but that soon gets buried under many other emails / chat messages.

Trouvr helps in simplifying sharing.

Trouvr provides a way to compile and share with others. It also helps folks receiving your information to consume it the way they want..
Advantages for you:
  • Easy way to compile your links on a single board
  • Generate public URL - that you can share with others
  • Add password protection if needed (coming soon!)
Advantages for your recipients
  • No need to signup to access your board
  • Ability to hide links that are done reading
  • Transfer links to their own boards
  • Get updates as you update your board
It will keep everyone happy - for sharing information without bombarding them with links

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